QuickBooks & Financial System

Need a new QuickBooks file for your company? We are certified QuickBooks experts and can get the job done right. Quest can do a full assessment of your organization and determine which edition of QuickBooks will best meet your needs. Quest uses a comprehensive QuickBooks setup checklist to ensure that your new QuickBooks company file meets professional standards.

But we do much more than simply configure a QuickBooks file. Our goal is to help you create a complete financial system that integrates with all other areas of your organization. You need to be able to manage all aspects of your financial operations, including internal controls, budgeting, cashflow management, procurement, inventory, sales, reporting, taxes, etc. Quest Financial Services can implement a standard set of tools and financial policies that will help you regain control of your finances. We can make your financial system more effective by establishing a proper workflow and training your staff to keep the system running properly.


Payroll is an important function of every organization, but also an area of high risk. We can review your existing payroll system or set up a new one to ensure that you have the proper controls in place. Our payroll services include:

• Creating written payroll policies and procedures to reduce the risk of fraud or mismanagement
• Creating a comprehensive Excel file with built-in automations to manage your payroll
• Implementing direct deposit (through a bank or MPAISA), thereby eliminating the risk of cash salary payments
• Reconciling payroll to the General Ledger
• Distinguishing between employee and contract workers for tax purposes
• Setting up and/or reviewing standard wage withholding tax calculations
• Preparing wage withholding tax forms in compliance with Afghan tax law


Many organizations struggle with tracking their inventory and calculating the true cost of the products they sell. Inventory management is closely linked with financial management, and Quest can provide you with a customized inventory management solution that integrates with your accounting system.