Mission & Values

Quest is first and foremost a mission and values driven company. We seek to align every aspect of our company with our mission and values including the staff we hire, operational processes we perform, and even which client engagements we choose to accept or decline.

Our mission is to provide the financial services necessary to help entrepreneurs in Afghanistan succeed.


We are motivated by our desire for economic flourishing and peace in Afghanistan.
We are excited about offering our services in ways that benefit the Afghan people.
We enjoy what we do and seek to bring our best to work every day.
We are willing to make sacrifices in order to accomplish our goals.


We commit to producing high-quality work in every area.
We seek to go above and beyond what our clients expect.
We strive to create true value and long-term impact for the people we serve.
We perform our work with consistency and attention to detail


We are honest and trustworthy.
We honor our agreements and do what we say we will do.
We do not offer or accept bribes.
We aspire to comply with the laws of Afghanistan and encourage others to do the same.


We acknowledge our mistakes and are eager to learn and grow.
We value all people regardless of their status or position in life.
We seek to serve others and honor them above ourselves.
We recognize that we cannot succeed on our own.