Tax Services

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Our Service

Tax compliance in Afghanistan can be very challenging. We are here to make life easier for you and eliminate the pain of backtaxes and penalties. We know the Afghan tax law and, just as importantly, we know how things practically work in Afghanistan. We do tax work with integrity to ensure compliance but also provide strategic advice on how to minimize your tax liability in accordance with the law.

Our Process

We start by reconciling your tax returns to your underlying accounting records. Our unique, accounting-centric approach to taxation is fundamental to correct tax reporting. Depending on the plan you choose, we then file your returns, transfer tax payments on your behalf so that you don’t miss deadlines, and follow up with the relevant tax office to obtain your annual tax clearance letter.

Our Pricing

Our tax plans come with fixed monthly fees established upfront so that you know exactly what to expect. We provide quotations after having a conversation with you about the exact needs of your organization.

Our Plans

Our sample tax plans are listed below. If needed, we can include business licensing and visa work as an “add-on” to your tax plan for a full compliance solution. Our tax plans provide the most value when combined with one of our accounting plans.





Prepare and/or review all monthly payroll tax returns ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Prepare and/or review all monthly rent tax returns ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Prepare and/or review all monthly contractor tax returns ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Prepare and/or review all quarterly tax returns ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Prepare annual income tax return ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Briefings on any changes to the tax law or key procedures ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Provide advisory services to help ensure compliance ☑️ ☑️ ☑️
Maintain a tax tracker tool that summarizes all tax returns and payments ✖️ ☑️ ☑️
Submit all tax returns online ✖️ ☑️ ☑️
Submit all tax payments online by the payment deadline; obtain payment verification from the bank ✖️ ☑️ ☑️
Obtain up to one private ruling per year from Ministry of Finance ✖️ ☑️ ☑️
Annual tax strategy meeting ✖️ ☑️ ☑️
Manage relationship with the tax office ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Match tax payments to tax forms at the Ministry of Finance’s assessment department ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Obtain annual tax clearance letter ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Obtain taxpayer identification numbers and maintain TIN database for all employees ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Write a quarterly tax letter summarizing taxes paid, tax positions taken, areas of risk, and recommendations ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Obtain up to one tax exemption confirmation per year ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Maintain fully accessible records of tax returns filed and other relevant documentation. ✖️ ✖️ ☑️
Tax audit protection ✖️ ✖️ ☑️

Check out our summary of Afghan tax requirements here