Quest Financial Services LLC is an accounting company based in Kabul, Afghanistan, providing professional client accounting services to international and local organizations. Quest was founded in 2015 by Matt Nissley, an American CPA who enjoys living and working in Afghanistan. Matt originally came to Afghanistan in 2013 and worked with an NGO for two years. During these two years, Matt realized that there is a big need in Afghanistan for accounting systems and solid financial management practices. Quest Financial Services LLC was founded to meet this need by providing professional client accounting services that combine international best practices with knowledge of the Afghan culture and operating environment.

We believe that entrepreneurship in both the private and social sectors is desperately needed in Afghanistan. The jobs created through entrepreneurship are vital to reducing Afghanistan’s high unemployment rate and dependence on foreign aid. We support entrepreneurs by providing them with the financial services they need to succeed.

In addition to our commitment to support entrepreneurship, we seek to cast a vision throughout Afghanistan for business to be conducted with ethics and integrity. Corruption perverts justice, discourages foreign investment, and frustrates the common citizen. We must work together to create systems that operate with justice and fairness.

We are deeply invested in the success of our clients and seek to create long-term impact through our services. We strive to become a trusted business advisor of each and every client we serve by understanding the client’s needs and concerns and providing solutions to those needs. See “Our Services” page for more information about the specific services we offer.

Our Clients